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does anyone remember?

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Remember that slideshow set to music of some little boy being born that used to circle around in the MDC forums? I think the baby's name was Jude something? Anyone know what that was or how I can get a hold of it? Or at the least, what song was it set to?

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I remember this! I remember trying to figure the song out FOREVER and never could.... I'm at work right now and can't remember if I saved the link at home or not.... I'll check and if I did I'll post the link!!
thanks! What was the song? Remember by any chance?
I am horrible with song names but if it comes to me I will post it.
Wow....that's amazing. I'll have to tell my husband to get on making something like that!

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That was a great slideshow!

The dad of that family is a singer who used to be in a band called Soulfood 76. I saw them play a couple times in the 90s. What a cool family

Jude and Roman were our two other name choices, they have good taste
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