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Does anyone use My Moon cards?

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If so, I need your help! I don't understand how to use them! I don't know when to mark what's happening on a new card ...could someone explaint o me how to use them?? I'm just confused!
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I use them, I am not sure I understand your question though. You put a check on the color that represents the part of the cycle you are on. The colors each have a definition card so you can read the description and see if it fits you. Make sense?
Also, the author is really happy to help explain...
Thanks you!
I undertsnad the color checking, but do I use a new card each day to go along with that phase of the moon? I know that seems like a dumb quetsion b/c the anwswer is porbably Yes, however on the instructions, it says you do not nessecarily use a new card each day.
Does that make more sense?
Sorry- my confusion came out in the question!!!
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oh, ok, yes you change the day/moon phase card each day. the color card may not change though, as some parts of the cycle (colors) may last over several days. In other words you may stay on the orange or brown color for several days. I hope that helps!
That helps so much! Thank you mama!
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