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I use either liquid Tide (1 tbsp) or Dawn dish soap (1 tbsp) to wash all dipes and covers. I use Method fabric softner (from Target) occasionally on just my fitteds and pfs to soften them up. If I plan to use the fabric softner, I leave out covers and anything with PUL or fleece and wash those seperately. Haven't had any problems so far!

I have used Oxyclean in the past to treat some bad staining on my pfs, but can't remember if there were any covers in the mix. I do use a tbsp of Ultimate Care Bleach in the cold soak cycle whenever I have poopy diapers. If I don't, DD will get a rash (we have had yeast problems and that is the only thing I have tried that keeps the rash away). Everything gets that - covers, fitteds, pfs, AIOs. After the cold water soak cycle, I do a hot wash (with detergent) and a cold rinse. I don't smell anything (bleach or detergent) when they come out of the washer, so I don't do any additional rinses.
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