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I am a soon-to-be-divorced stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. My primary diagnosis is bipolar II. I have not responded well yet to meds, and have a lot of down days, but my youngest is 7 mos., so I do manage to get myself going each day. Ordinarily, I'd think I must really be crazy to even think about homeschooling BUT:<br><br>
my 6 yo ds suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression, and exhibits a lot of adhd-type behavior at school. It's starting to have significant social repercussions. There have been 2 serious incidents at school, as well as daily smaller ones. There are academic issues as well. For example, his class has started to do a lot of independent reading. DS doesn't like it (it's hard for him, but he had an evaluation and no learning disabilities were found), so he just doesn't do it. Now, they're having comprehension worksheets on the reading, so ds just guesses on the answers without reading that either. He got 2/5 on one, and said "Sweet!" He thinks it's "cool" to be an underachiever (this relates to his anxiety/self-esteem issues). I haven't talked to the teacher yet about this particular issue, so she probably thinks he just didn't understand, and doesn't know that he's just not going to work up a sweat if he doesn't have to.<br><br>
The school is aware of his diagnoses, and have tried to be accomodating, but I feel they are no longer meeting his needs. I'm considering having him put on an IEP, but for various reasons I think that any accomodations will not fully address ds's issues. For one example, he definitely needs an aide, but there is already an aide in the other class. She has 3 kids on IEPs, and she is allowed to have 4. I'm pretty sure the school will just switch him to the other class rather than hire another aide, which I am convinced will be counterproductive. I cannot afford private school.<br><br>
SO, are there any parents here with MH issues, especially depression, that have tried homeschooling? I'd be very interested in hearing how you have managed, what obstacles you find, how you ride through the rough periods and keep going to make sure your child is getting the education s/he needs when you're having a bad day? Feel free to PM me. Thanks for any help/advice.
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