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Does Costco Do Layaway

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Just wondering because I mentioned to the landlord that we're going to be getting a chest freezer when we move into the bigger apartment, and that we're going to be joining sam's club. Later in the conversation I mentioned putting a laptop in layaway at walmart, and he said if I'd told him I was looking, he could have gotten me a better deal and put one in layaway at costco. is this actually possible? the nearest costco is like 1.5 hours from here, in a high traffic area, which is the only reason we chose sam's club, which has locations within 45 minutes of here in so-so traffic areas.. if Costco has layaway, that might actually make the drive worth it... especially considering the business we're starting here.... the supplies would be a bit better quality from what I'm told, and Heaven knows the gas is cheaper...

and out of morbid curiosity, I'm interested to see what "companion items" one puts on an aisle with coffins and urns...
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I don't believe our costco has layaway. At least I have never seen it there.

We don't have a gas station at any of the local ones either...and I think they only carry the coffins and urns online. But maybe ours is just no fun, lol

When we were looking for a chest freezer we found the best deals at home depot, actually. So if you have one in your area you might check there. We ended up getting one off freecycle in the end.
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