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I posted this on the fertility board but no responses, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to answer this...<br><br>
Until last Wednesday ds (33mos) nursed very, very frequently - all day and all night. But last week I started back at work full-time and he began daycare full-time. So, now, he is really just an evening and night time nurser. We go about 10-12hours without nursing during the day.<br><br>
So, I keep reading about how night weaning is supposed to help women return to their usual fertile selves (I have only had 2 periods since April and am dying to get pregnant again asap!). But, I'm wondering if day weaning (like what we've just done) will have the same effect because it's for the same amount of time.<br><br>
Thanks tons in advance!<br><br>
Take good care,<br>
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