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Does homebirthing make you want to have more babies?LOL

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I am mourning the loss of the excitement and joy of giving birth and having a new baby- as well as the monthly meeting with my midwife- etc.
All that stuff!
Anyone else go thru this after having a baby?
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Immediately after the birth of #4 - very fast & traumatic but at home with my lovely MW and amazing DH I said "I never need to do that again" I was regretting those words just a few months later. She is now almost 2.5 and I am hoping to get pregnant this year
I miss my MW and she misses us, she and my DH have a wonderful relationship

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Right after my first twin came out, I was saying to myself I AM DONE! But only days later I was looking forward to my next homebirth.
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I was just saying to a friend today that I'd love to have another homebirth. I think we're really done having babies, though. It does make me sad to think that I won't ever have that experience again.
I know! I wish I had taped it or something!lOL!
Hey Jen- I have pics up on my birth story if you want to see it = they are graphic- but I am taking them off tonight.
So last chance! LOL!
Of course- anyone can pm for them.... I just don't want everyone seeing my vagina that up close and personal!
How are things?
yes, it does. I love giving birth and i'm sure it's because my homebirths have been so incredible. I'm usually looking forward to my next homebirth within a few hours of giving birth.
I love being pregnant. I love getting together with a midwife. I love how powerful homebirth is. I would love love love to have at least one more bio child. I don't know if it will happen though as I'm going on 39, have a history of miscarriage, and it isn't financially feasible to be adding to my family right now (else I would be). Ack. Part of it is that I'd simply like a larger family: I'm taking baby steps towards adoption as well. But I'd still love to be pregnant/give birth again too.

Oh I do miss the experience of homebirth. It was the most incredible experience of my life. It made me wish that all of my children would have been born at home. Right after the birth in which I had been extremely vocal I looked at my 17 year old daughter and said,"Makes you want to have a baby doesn't it." Thinking because I had been so vocal and obviously in pain it would make her want to put it off. She said,"Actually it does." My two teenage daughters who witnessed the birth now only want to have their babies at home they have seen the difference between homebirth and being at the hospital. Before the birth they were supportive but thought "okay mom's on one of her kicks" After seeing the birth of their sister at home they are strong homebirth supporters.
I felt like Donkey in Shrek: "Hey! Let's do that again!!"
Glad I did and we got our surprise girl to boot!
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Yep! I was set on having only 1 child, now with #2 on the way, 3 sounds pretty good.
This next will most likely be our last, though.
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Yep, my daughter is only two weeks old and I already started lobbying DH for the 3rd.
My pregnancy wasn't so easy, but I am hoping to be in much better shape for my 3rd. I am nearly back to normal... it's just a matter of getting my pelvis sorted (I had SPD) and my muscles back in tone. I can't imagine that Estella will be our last.
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i'm not ready for another baby but i am ready for another home birth.
Not quite ready for another baby yet but we definitely want at least 2 more!
I don't know that I would feel the same if I hadn't had a homebirth with baby Winter.
My first pregnancy was spent primarily under the care of an I neared my 8th mo, I got really freaked out about the hospital. We attended a lamaze class that actually told us we would all get an induction, epidural, episiotomy or C-section, so there was no need to talk about anything but what would prepare us for such things. I decided I would either find a MW or deliver my own baby!! LOL!! We ended up finding a wonderful MW, and had a beautiful birth to our first daughter, and of course, chose to see them for our second pregnancy. That birth went much faster (1st was 21 hours, 2nd was 6hrs) and I uttered sometime shortly before delivery that I never wanted to do it again. Naturally, as soon as I held my precious Ivie angel in my arms, I couldn't wait to do it again. She is 8 months old now, and I have been having pregnancy withdrawals for about 5 months. We've decided to wait a bit longer, but boy am I counting the days!! It is such an amazing, intimate, ambiant, brilliant experience....I would recommend every mom able to HB to go for it....AGAIN AND AGAIN!!
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Yes. Though I wanted a big family before my first homebirth (with dk#2), having experienced a homebirth just makes the birth something to look forward to in and of itself, not just a means to and end.

I have a friend who is due a month before me, with her second. We were talking about birth, and I think she asked me how I handled it without drugs (she had a mw, but birthed in the hosp with an epidural). I said I loved labour and birth. I don't know if she believed me
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YES! I'd give birth over and over again. BUT I never ever ever ever want to be pregnant again so I guess I'll just hang out in homebirth forums and live vicariously through others
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My dd was my first homebirth (third birth) and it was so amazing and empowering that I wanted to live it again! I was so sad at my dd's 6 weeks appointment to not be able to see my midwives anymore.

We are expecting baby #4 anytime now (homebirth again) and praying that it will be just as easy and wonderful as my last birth.
I was in tears at the end of my 6 week appointment with my midwife, PinkPixie. I was just SO SAD it was over.
I'm less sad now, but now I just really want to TTC soon, but we have to wait for financial reasons, not to mention baby Winter is only 4 months old
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After my hospital birth I told my husband to remind me to never do that again. About two hours after my homebirth I was ready to do it again. I never planned to have more than two kids, but now I'm thinking about five all together.

Originally Posted by Brisen
I said I loved labour and birth. I don't know if she believed me

It is hard to explain, isn't it?
It requires such a shift in perception, for most people... birth is supposed to be something scary and painful. Well, OK, it is those things too, sometimes, but it's also something powerful and amazing!
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