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Does morning sickness return? TMI!!!

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I threw up this morning! AND last night in the middle of the night. The one last night was indegestion, I think.. cause I had this burning sensation and I coughed and all of a sudden here comes all the water I drank before bed! I had eaten my last food like 6-7 HOURS before! But I still felt full!? strange! Anyway this am with no warning I threw up again! I think maybe I still had some indigestion issues cause there were a couple of big burps where nothing came out.. so I dunno.. is it just all my stuff being squished or is morning sickness returning!?
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I haven't had all-out vomitting at all, but I have had some acid reflux that made me gag before and today I lost a little breakfast when I bent over to tie my shoes. For me, I think it's a physical lack of room in there that's forcing things out.
I think "all your stuff is being squished"
I have been getting MAJOR heartburn lately because the baby is squishing my stomach
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I dont know about were you are but we have a stomic flu going around here, and it preety much sounds like you are discribing it. the bug around here last about 24 hours fortunitly.
I know that my nausea is coming back. I feel wrechid most of the time. I just lay in the recliner and keep repeating in my head 'I don't feel queasy, my stomach is calm!'

Doesn't always work, though, because I've thrown up a few times in this month.
Yes, yes. I officially hit the third trimester this past Sunday and I think my body said, "Ok, enough feeling good." Since then I feel nauseous often and most food sounds terrible (see my food post!), plus I have started having heartburn. Come on, I'm only 27 weeks - I can't do 13 more weeks of this!!
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