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This was something new that was introduced in our house last year thanks to my dd's 5yo guiding<br><br>
They each got a little green box & they gave us some trinkets to put in them.<br><br>
I've seen the boxes they bought once & should have picked up 2 more(as I have 3 kids & only 1 of them got the green box), but didn't then & couldn't find them the other day.<br><br>
My now 6yo is looking forward to the Leprechaun visiting this year. I've gotten a couple of things(chocolate gold coins & shamrock tattoos). I need to get 2 more boxes still. i need to find hers too, not sure where I put it.<br><br>
She's decided she wants to set a trap & catch the<br><br>
The only bad thing is her birthday is the 16th & last year the Leprechaun almost forgot. Kinda like the Tooth Fairy forgets now & then.
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