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Does the type of didymos really make that much difference?

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I love my babyhawk MT's but have been looking at wraps since forever, in the meantime DS is getting older. So I have finally decided to get one 2nd hand off ebay. I live in the UK and there are loads in Germany. My queation is will it make that much difference which design I get? I know they are different but don't exactly know how? I guess I will mainly use for back carry, my son is 8 months old and average weight if that makes any difference.
Leah x
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The different weaves have different thicknesses and some seem more "grippy" than others.

I've heard that the waves are pretty thin. The indios are thicker and very grippy, I like mine for back carries. But it's heavy enough that it's definitely not a good summer wrap.

Check out the wrap forum on, they can go on and on and on about the minutiae of Didys.
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Thanks funshine,
I guess any of them would be good really, and I reckon I will just go for the next one that is up for sale and the right length and of course pretty. If I really like it then maybe I can get a second with a different pattern if I manage to convince dh that it really does make a difference!!
Leah x
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