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does this bother anyone else?

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why are doublers so big? it seems like a waste - especially for boys. i find myself folding my doubler in half at nite to get extra protection. in the morning his front is soaked - but the back of his dipe is dry. has anyone cut their doublers? granted - my ds is 5 months old (today - yeah!!) and his penis is quite little. maybe a full size doubler will come in handy when he is older - i don't know.

anyone else thought about this?
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What style and size are you using? I have doublers that are sized like my dipes.
For example: Darling Diapers has great ones, and they come in sizes.
I have never had a problem with them, but then again I don't know what you are using.
I guess it doesnt bother me. I dont mind folding them up for my boys (I have always done that)
However, I've also made "short" doublers before. When Cassidy was still in dipes, I'd place it right in the middle. If I was using one of those doublers for Alex, I'd place it right in the front. I still use them sometimes at night even with the folded up doubler.

I think with a long doubler you at least have the choice to leave it down and folded out, OR fold it up if needed.
I like them big!

My youngest is 5-1/2 months and a VERY heavy wetter. I like having big doublers because then I have the option of folding them if I want to.
I was thinking that they are longer so if they slip around at all, there's still plenty left.
It doesn't really bother me, but I also fold them in half at night time. During the day if I use a doubler I put it on full length, but at night I know I need that extra in the front where s/he is going to pee the most.
I always fold our doublers in half & stick 'em in the front - think of how thick they'd have to be to get absorbency equal to that of a long folded doubler, if it were made half the size! And how stinkin' long it would take to dry!!!!
In my Freshies! fitteds and AIO, Kendell has either sewn or snapped in a long, tongue like doubler that is about twice as long as a normal doubler. For a boy you can fold it all into the front, and for a gorl you can fold it in half. I like that style a lot.

I have a girl though, so I use the whole doubler.
And it never changes, my older son is dry in the back and soaked in the front every morning too! A diaper with nothing in the back and tons of layers in the front would look weird. Hamster butt...........LOL! I could just see it now, this big huge buldge in the front of the diaper and nothing in the back. That would be weird and I think it would fall off or your son would fall forward from the weight of the thing......LOL! I need to go sleep.
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