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Totally! Right now "People" has Britany Spears on the cover. Apparently the article talks about her being pregnant. The caption reads something about "ice cream & pickles cravings". I just go
: every time I walk past that darn cover. :LOL Now, I'm not saying that some women don't in fact have those cravings, but I've never personally met one who did.

I also detest any show Dr Phil does on co-sleeping. He's VERY against it, and inevitably it's always some couple on where the DH is complaining that the the DW wants their 2 yr old (who of course is WAY too old to be sleeping with them supposedly) in bed with them so they're not having sex. Um...I'm sorry, but having your kids co-sleep doesn't stop you from having sex if you really want to have it. Not only are there other places besides the bed, but you can do what we do & start your kid out in another spot (we use the pack n' play across the hall) then move them back in when you're done or when they wake. Those episodes should be addressing the underlying issue in the marriage that is keeping the Mom from wanting to have sex, not treating the kid in the bed as the cause of the problem IMHO.

Also, just the morning I had a good friend of mine who's in her 60's tell me I needed to just put DD down in a room where I couldn't hear her so I could get some packing done (we're moving this weekend)!
I love this woman, but needless to say I wasn't impressed with her advice on this one.

Sorry...guess this was as touchy spot for me huh?

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