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Melanie, if you haven't read it already, you'd love "The Continuum Concept" by Jean Leidloff. i'm always thinking in terms of evolution, also! like, the last few hundred years of "unevolved change" doesn't mean we're not still mammals ... we still have primal needs, it's just that in industrialized societies, the "scientific method" prevails and our primal needs get pushed to the wayside.

the only tv i watch is those home improvement shows, or movies. i just can't stand mainstream parenting on tv anymore, even in commercials. (like the one where the mom uses the baby's lotion because it's so soft ... so she removes the baby who is sleeping peacefully in a man's arms, puts the baby in a crib, then goes in and lays in the man's arms. yes, i know they're saying "your skin will be soft as a baby's" but why couldn't they have her just sit on his lap under his other arm?? *urg*)

somewhere in the last 100 years, it became "normal" to detach from your child and to parent it from as much a distance as possible. why carry a baby when you can use a swing, a bouncer, an exersaucer, a walker? why nurse or bottle-nurse a baby when you can prop the bottle? why sleep with a wiggly, sweaty baby when you can put them in another room and listen in with a monitor, or even watch them on a tv camera?

*blarg!* <--- the sound of me getting uppity
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