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Does this diaper exist?

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I'm in search of a fitted diaper:

front snapping
trim between the legs
not too bulky
would like a one-size that fits from appr. 10-30 pounds (if that exists)

can't decide if I would rather have a really cute diaper with a cute print or all natural/organic fabric

Does this exist?
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sounds like a Muttaquin, SOS, Firefly or Pinhead

Bikini cut CuddleBuns also might qualify.
I haven't tried a Muttaquin, but given that it is a larger one size diaper than a Pinhead or SOS (which I have tried), I doubt that it's trimmer between the legs.

Pageta is right that a bikini cut cuddlebuns is trimmer between the legs than an SOS or Pinhead. Specifically, a bikini cuddlebuns is 6" in the crotch and SOS and Pinheads are 7". On a small baby, that makes a big difference.

Ashlee is also right that a Firefly might work for you, except they are not one size diapers. Depending upon the size and shape of your kiddo(s) though, you might be able to buy just smalls and larges (mediums weren't even available until fairly recently), they were really a 2 size diaper. They are very trim in the crotch (5.75" for large, don't know about the smalls, but obviously smaller). Fireflys are also trim because they are thin as in thickness, but they are not IME as absorbent as other diapers that are just a bit thicker. But I think they are a great choice if you have a light wetter and/or change often. If I don't put a cover over it, my son can literally pee right through it. But I love the butterfly wings quick dry design, and it fits pretty well on him. The other diaper that fits similarly to a firefly is a front snapping bottombumpers-- they are more absorbent, also quick dry, and less expensive. Unfortunately, the WAHM who makes these has had surgery and isn't expected to be up and around until August or later.

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