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Does this exist?

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Ok, this may be a totally stupid request, but I'm putting it out there at the risk of embarrassment...

In our state, to home school, we either have to test (FCAT/SAT/ect), be interviewed/tested by a teacher, or show some sort of portfolio with sample work. I was hoping to do a journal type thing, where, instead of following a curriculum, I am able to jot down the various things we do during the day under subject headings. So, for example, today we painted- I could put that under Art, or course, but also Science, since we mixed the colors/added more and more water to see what would happen. I know that baking together can be math (measurements, fractions) and science (water heating up to make steam, a liquid batter turning into a solid, ect). I just have trouble sometimes putting things into categories.

I wish there was a webpage (or maybe there you know of one?!?!) that has practical life ideas for different subjects. Just so that I could think, "Oh yeah, we did do math today, we made cake together!" and I would write in her little journal, Math- measuring liquids, solids, adding, multiplying, fractions, ect. And then I could show that we are covering all this without having to do worksheets/books.

So, is there a page that does this? And if not, could we maybe start a list in this post about different ideas for categorizing real life experiences into 'school' subjects for record keeping? Thanks!
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Just an FYI, you may have just typed it wrong, but here in florida it's the testing OR a portfolio WITH a teacher review.
That said I've been told it's really no big deal. In fact, I think my friend is certified in FL and if that's the case, I'll have her look over our stuff and sign off for me.
FL actually has no regulations on WHAT you must teach, if you look carefully...only that they show proper progression through the, in other words, that they improve and grow from year to year. Also, if you don't want to deal with that at all, you can use an umbrella school like Florida Unschoolers and have complete freedom to do what you want and no real review of the work you do or don't just have to email her your "attendance" once per quarter.
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