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does this happen to you?

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I wake up either in the morning or the middle of the night and often feel very shakey and trembley and weak. It's a little scary to me and I don't remember feeling this way last time. Anyone else have this or heard or it or can offer reassurance?
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Yes! That happened to me between weeks 6 and 7....there are still some nights where I feel very weird....but for the most part
oops, i sent before i finished...what i was saying is that for the most part, my morning sickness symptoms are subsiding (i'm 9 weeks)....hopefully it just means my body is getting used to things.
I recently found out that I'm hypoglycemic and those are some of the symptoms I get with hypo. You may want to try having a snack at night that consists of complex carbs and protein. Something like wholegrain crackers or bread with nut butter and a glass of milk or half a multigrain bagel with cream cheese. II started doing that late last week and my middle of the night shakey-wakeys went away.

Of course, your shakes may have nothing to do with hypoglycemia. I just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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