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Does this mean anything?

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Okay, with three children you'd think I'd understand a little better, but all three births were *so* different...

I'm 30 weeks. All day yesterday and all day today my back has been killing me. Low on my back, right above my butt
Also today, off and on, I've been feeling crampy. I don't remember this with my other pgs, but as I said they were all different. Does this mean anything? Or is it just normal pregnancy aches and pains? I can't believe I'm so clueless! lol! DD1 was induced, DS1 my water broke 1 month early, DD2 I didn't realise something was happening until my water broke and I went into transition... TIA for any help!
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I only had lower back pain in my 4th and 5th pregnancies. Really bad in my 5th. I carried really low that time. Only back labor with with that pregnancy too. But, it sounds like you had spontaneous labor the last time. Hmmm...
Are you running a fever? This could very well be normal aches and pains. I get alot of back pain with my pregnancies. If you feel like something is wrong or if you have a temp check in with your care provider.
I had really low back pain and cramping last week (babe was breech), and now the babe is LOA so perhaps it could be your babe moving around trying out a new position?? Or maybe he/she has found a new position that is putting pressure on your back? do pelvic tilts help??
Thanks for the replies!

No, no temp.

The little one has been moving around (as best as he can! lol!), but it still hurts like the dickens!

I did take a warm shower last night and while I was in there, it felt better, but started hurting again a few minutes after I got out. *sigh* I guess I'll have to go camp out in the shower!
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Is your uterus tightening at all when your back hurts? I had back labor with my first and didn't realize I was in labor for quite a while.
Try applying ice packs to your back and see if that helps. I find, in general, ice helps back pain (for me) than heat. Typically, if one doesn't work for you, the other will. It does sound like a positional thing. Babies tend to dislike sudden heat/cold, and will move away from it, which helps to alleviate the pain too.

Generally, cycle ice for 20 minutes, then off for awhile (20-60 minutes). Try pelvic tilts as well and see if that can't encourage a more permanant "not here" position for your little one.

Originally Posted by phathui5
Is your uterus tightening at all when your back hurts? I had back labor with my first and didn't realize I was in labor for quite a while.
Occassionaly, but not always.

Thanks for the suggestions...I've been trying a variety of things and so far nothing has worked for any length of time. I guess I will just have to tough it out for 10 more weeks! lol!
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