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Does this sound cute?

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A coworker is having a baby girl. The parents-to-be are avid outdoors people, and they love hunting, fishing, etc. They have several camo inspired articles of clothing.

I could have sworn that I had some pink camo print yarn in storage. But I got all 300 skeins out over the weekend, and nope!!

So I am seriously sad about that

However, I wonder if it would be cute if I made a white blankie, added in some pink in some places, and some regular camo print? That way I can honor their style and it would still be girly at the same time?

ETA: I have pretty much any and every color yarn, so if you think it would look better with yellow or purple, etc, I am open to that too!

Of course I am color blinde, so this could be a really yucky combo, that is why I am asking you ladies LOL I really have my heart set on incorporating that camo yarn somehow in this one!
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Whoa wait a minute! Yarn comes in camo color? I thought it came in solid shades and if you wanted to mix them then you could to create camo.

Can you just like um....use 2-3 pinks together to create the camo yourself? You said I didn't have to be crafty to answer this question lol but I think I may be a little to clueless here. LOL

I think if it were me making the blanket and was color blind I'd ask some friends/family or even someone at the yarn store what shades would look great together and then go back home and use the shades you have.

I hope my answer was helpful. You do a great job answering my posts so I just wanted to try and do the same.
Yeah they make camo print yarn, in regular camo and pink camo. It is pretty cool
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Bernat makes the camo yarn.... its really cute....

However your plans for the blankie sound wonderful.... GO FOR IT....
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