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Does this sound like chicken pox to you?

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DS (21 months) had one bump (looks like a pimple) on his face on Thursday. By Friday afternoon he had about 5 bumps on his face. Today (Saturday) he has about 4 on his torso. He is not itchy, doesn't have a fever, and is in fact in a better mood than normal.

I have read the Dr. Sears website and this is the only rash that fits the bill but according to the site he should have a ton more spots by now. Also, I do not know of anyone with whom we have been in contact that has them. Is this chicken pox? Any other ideas?
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The bumps should be clear and fluid-filled ( at least some of them).
Nope, just red bumps. Some slightly raised.

Originally Posted by PikkuMyy
The bumps should be clear and fluid-filled ( at least some of them).
Yes, and "as a rule," cp begins on the torso and spreads to the limbs/face. When my kids had them, new ones appeared very quickly--I could literally sit there are watch as new spots appeared. After a few days, you should see spots in varying stages, some just red dots, some fluid-filled, some crusted over.
All three of my kids had the pox manifest in different looking ways.None of them ever were itchy and only the middle child had a fever. It sounds like them to me... keep an eye on them and help him stay comfortable- we used oatmeal bathes and all enjoyed that. my youngest was only 5 weeks when he got them and had a total of 26 marks, not all kids get covered..
good luck
Has your DS had the CP vaccine? If he has then he could still get the CP, but it would be a samll case with only a few bumps and will clear up in a few days.

Also some viruses manifest themselves through rashes. Just my thoughts.
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Nope, we are vax free. However I haven't noticed any new bumps today -- I am baffled. I can't imagine that they are bug bites. Pammysue, just any random virus? Maybe that's it.
We're on Day 2 of something that sounds similar. It might be atypical chicken pox (no fever, only a little itching), but I'm not convinced. I guess with CP it's difficult to know for sure until Day 3. However, it sounds like you aren't battling chicken pox because there are no new bumps today.

I'm thinking if ours turns out not to be CP, then it might be a mild case of impetigo. She's had a sore corner of her mouth for about a week, and a runny nose before any bumps broke out. These are both mentioned on the Dr. Sears site as typical precursors to impetigo.

Since I'm having a baby next week (great timing for the mystery rash, huh?) I'm taking her to her Dr. tomorrow. Unfortunately, the only consistent thing I've seen her looking at the archives is that mystery rashes often produce random diagnoses.
That's very interesting. Can you let me know what you find out?

Good luck with the munchkin to be!
When my middle dd got the chicken pox they started on her face. She had 2 spot just under her eye that for whatever reason I was suspicious of. It looked like a pimple(which is how my older dd's cp started). She had it for 7 or 8 days before it finally spread to the rest of her body and into a full blown case of the cp.

Neither of my older girls had a fever with the cp(youngest hasn't had it yet). Only Tirza was itchy, she was 2.5 when she had them. Asha wasn't itchy or anything. She was 10months old and you wouldn't have known she had anything if it wasn't for the spots.
We're on Day 3 now and it looks much more like chicken pox. I've rescheduled my c/b from this Wednesday to next Tuesday and hopefully won't go into labour before the weekend (still hoping for VBAC, but I'm a complicated case). OB wasn't keen, but he agreed it was best for both DD-in-waiting and DD. Still taking DD in this afternoon for diagnosis though.
Went to DD's doctor. Diagnosis is about as definite as you can get without a blood test.
Roseola??? Dd got it at 22 months. bumps, slight fever one day. That was it.
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