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Does this sound like meningitis?

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DD is unvaxed and just turned 9 months old. She has been miserable since Thursday night, she was ok that day and then felt warmish when she fell asleep in my arms, so I laid her down for the night and then 2 hours later she woke up screaming was very hot and she threw up as soon as I picked her up. She was warm/fidgety the rest of the night.

All day Friday, Saturday and Today (sun) she has wanted to do nothing but sleep and fuss. She won't eat and she will only sip bits of ice water and watered down juice, she won't drink pedialyte and she is formula fed but I am avoiding that except for a few oz at a time because she threw up one more time after a bottle on Friday. No vomiting since.

She gets the shakes/chills if she isn't covered up and she is very irritable if she isn't held and I have to hold her 'just so' or she is fussy.

Her fever has been 104-105 and I've been trying to let it run it's course but have given her motrin once last night so she could finally rest. She was happy for a few minutes and even babbled a little after the motrin worked but woke up screaming and burning up again. Wet socks didn't work and she is allergic to tylenol.

No rash anywhere but yesterday her legs were bluish and splotchy until I rubbed them and covered her with a blanket.

She had yellow drainage out of her right eye yesterday and a bit Friday but so far none today. She has looser stools but not real diarreah. I chalk that up to a liquid diet, she is urinating just fine with no odd smell and plenty of wet diapers so no dehydration.

I looked up HIB and except for the stiff neck (which it said some infants won't have) she fits the discription. Dh doesn't want to take her to the er because he thinks it's teething, I don't. But I know they will want to do a spinal tap on her since she isn't vaxed.

Anyone have any clue what this could be? I wasn't really worried up until this morning because she seems more fussy and there are no teeth there and the fever is not gone.
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My sister had meningitis at 12 months and my mom said that when she lifted baby's legs to change her diaper, she screamed in pain. That was the symptom that made her go to the doctor. Just giving you one more sign to look out for. I don't know what to say except I hope it's *not* meningitis and your dd is better soon.
She seems ok when I change her, more upset that I lied her down then anything but I will see how she reacts at her next change, thanks for that.

I did get a good look in her mouth again and I see her top 2 eye teeth coming in. Her sister would get a high fever while teething also so maybe it is just that. I really don't have much of a gut feeling on this one but dh still thinks teething. I tried the oragel ( I can't find hylands locally waiting on them to come in the mail) and that did calm her down for about 1/2 an hour but now that it is worn off she is fussing in my lap again.

When she cut her first 2 teeth she did have a high fever but it only lasted about 2 days and it would go up and down. Since this is a constant fever for 4 days that's what makes me think it's something else. I gave her some vit. C and probiotics for now and I'm going to give it a few more hours but if she seems worse or doesn't at least get a bit better I will take her in just incase.
You know its funny because evey Dr i ever went to said NO fever from teething but my oldest DDw ould hit 104 with eye teeth and molars so i would have to disagree with no fever with teeth. But your dd has a yellowish drainage eye ands he is only 9 mo old i would probably see a Dr just to be sure.

My dd 3 had a fever for 3 days last week about 103 and had thrown upo a few times so maybe its a virus but just watch her closely.

She was a bit better last night, she actually slept all night and this morning she is warm again but not as fidgety. She actually let me put her down with some toys on a blanket
. I'm pretty sure it was her teeth, she even drank a bottle for me without throwing up and she hasn't had any eye drainage since Friday.

E didn't scream or anything when I changed her diaper and she is picking up her head and looking around without any discomfort. I'm just shocked that teething could give her a fever for that long. I know last time she cut teeth it was that high but it only lasted 2 days not this long. I will still keep an eye on her today and see how it goes. The hospital is only 6 miles from my house if I really do realize I need to take her in.

Thank you for asking
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Maybe she has a virus on top of the teething? Any way, glad she's doing a little better.
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It sounds like more than teething but not like meningitis.
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