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Ugh. I am not sure what is going on. I feel a knot in my stomach on and off. I've only felt like this when my mom was in the hospital and when i was going through infertility. I am also definitely irritable and arguing with my dh and kids. This weekend, I was excited to get my hair colored and the hairstylist totally messed it up and I look like Ronald Mc Donald. That set me off on this knot in stomach feeling and now it is Monday and I still have it. The other stress is that the baby has a cold and cough and it is worrisome. She's not sleeping well and in a pretty bad mood. I am not sure if I am paranoid about PPD because I had a really tough pregnancy and someone mentioned that that is a risk factor for ppd and I think that stuck in my head. I've also really struggled with pms the past few years and the irritability feels similar. I am doing all the supplemnt things- cal/mag, b6, omega3's, rescue remedy.<br><br>
When is it ppd and not just mom of 3 kids?<br><br>
I think the thing that worries me is this knot in stomach feeling. I hate it.<br>
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