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Does Vitamin C cause miscarriage?

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I drink a couple packets of emergen-c per day and then my daily vitamin has some vit. C in it. I miscarried a couple of months ago. I'd never done the emergen-c like that in past pregnancies. I googled but got conflicting answers. Does anyone know? TIA.
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I was always told to take Vitamin C during pregnancy by my midwife. She said it helps you absorb the iron in your prenatal, and helps keep away infections.
Hi Amy --

First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your twins. What a terrible loss.

There seems to be some anecdotal evidence that really high doses (like 6 to 10 grams) of vitamin c can cause miscarriage in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but if you were pregnant long enough to know that you had twins, it would be past that point. I don't think that it would have caused it, but also if you would like to get pregnant again, I would back off to just one emergen-c or fewer. I hope that someone else has more reassuring evidence to offer, too.
Hi Stacia!
I am pregnant again (due LATE december). I'm a paranoid wreck. The miscarriage was absolutely devestating and the thought that anything that I did caused it (or will cause another) is just too much for me.
Thanks for the information!
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I second Stacia - very high C levels are known to have an effect sometimes, but what you were consuming almost certainly wasn't the cause. So, don't beat yourself about the head
Actually if you are interested there's an awesome book about the Childbearing Year by Susan Weed - I think C is mentioned in there.

*HUGE hugs* and huge congrats on your little bean there
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I was studying to become a ND (natural doctor), I"l finish eventually! There was mention in there that a preg woman shouldn't take more then 15g a day .... That is an insain amount of C to be taking anyway, seriously it is used in those numbers for serious viruses(being studied for HIV) and cancer.

generally speaking 3-5g(3000-5000 mg) can be taken during pregnancy if needed, like cold/flu season, when sick etc Check with Dr to be sure but yeah.... HIGHLY unlikley yor C consumption did anything at all except knocked out a few germs coming your way while you were mourning.

>hugs< sorry for your loss and wishing you the best in the future!
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