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Does Washington DC have bfing legislation?

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We're going there this summer on vacation, so I was checked the LLL website for enacted legislation on DC, Maryland and Virginia. WTG Maryland! Virginia's law isn't the greatest, but at least they've clarified it's not a crime to bf there. I know I can bf on federal property, but I couldn't find anything pertaining to DC in general. If you know, could you post the info or a link? Thanks!
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There is a law protecting nursing mothers on FEDERAL property and since much of DC is federal property....but I don't believe there to be any city-wide protection.
I am pretty sure that when DC does not have a specific law, they default to federal law and nursing in public is covered that way.
I lived outside of DC when I was nursing dd and never got so much as blinked at funny when I was nursing her (and she nursed until she was 2) - and I nursed her *everywhere*, without a blanket.
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