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My DS is 14 months old and loves milk! He drinks breastmilk in the morning and night only (please don't flame me on my breastfeeding frequency - it works for me physically and psychologically - plus, DS mostly rejects the breast during the day as I do offer at times), and can drink organic whole milk and/or toddler formula from a bottle or sippy cup. Most of the time he drinks whole milk during the day for cost reasons. He's gotta be drinking at least 24-30 oz a day of breastmilk and whole milk/formula. My issue is, DS has been phlemy, congested for almost 1 month and the only thing I can think of as the cause is the whole milk. Sometimes, he'll cough in his sleep and he's never done this before we introduced whole milk at 12 months. DS does not like juice, only milk and sometimes water, which he'll only take a few sips of with solid food. I'm happy that DS likes milk so much and not too picky about what kind of milk! Has anyone else experienced this? Should I try a "different" milk to reduce all the snorkeling?

thank you for your advice!
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