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Does your 5yo talk to him/herself?

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Just wondering. DD talks to herself a LOT, even around other people, and I'm starting to wonder if it's going to be perceived as unusual or odd. It's usually kind of quiet so we only catch bits and pieces, but sometimes it's a full narrative and other times it's random bits and pieces of books and songs and things she's heard people say. Mind you, she is also very social, but it's like her "inner monologue" still is mostly NOT inner.
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Mine is six now and she does, and she did when she was 5 too. And 4. And probably 3 but I don't remember for sure. I'm turning 41 this month and I still talk to myself a lot. LOL.

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...I still talk to myself a lot. LOL.
Heh, me too.

My 5-yo talks to himself all the time. He also runs back and forth and "flicks" whatever he has in his hand while he's talking, repeatedly... endlessly... That's one of his Asperger's traits, but in my experience, the talking-to-self is perfectly normal.
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