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Does your adopted baby receive breastmilk?

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My freind may receive her 1st baby (barring any mind changes) at the end of the month at the latest. She just found out and asked me to donate milk. I have no problems doing so. I have a nine month old and her baby will obvioulsy be a newborn.
If you receive donated milk are there any things I should know about before hand? How did you transport the milk without it unfeezing? Did the hospital test your milk? Can she give my milk to anewborn in the hospital?
Any other info you have please let me know...
Also any advice for her would be great..I will be emailing her this thread.
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My son received breast milk for 7 months. Some from a milk bank, and a little from friends. I am adopting another one (due any moment), and have received donations from friends, and one very wonderful mama. I am just going to take a basic little bit to the hospital, keep the rest in the freezer at the hotel room, and tell them that I pumped it before hand. I have been given proof by the donors that the milk is free of disease, they were not taking any meds, and almost everyone's eating habits. Our bmom has made an extensive hospital plan that included our wishes and hers. She is wonderful. Our little one will be syringe fed when we are not with her, but they are allowing me to visit whenever I want (baby has to stay in isolation nursery since bmom does not want her to be roomed in). So, I am sure I will be falling asleep in the rocker. I will at least get to stay in one of their family rooms, but the baby is not allowed to room in.
The best way to ship it (well, what works best for us) is to get a reg. carboard box find some silver lined shipping insulation panels (top, sides, and bottom), pack the breastmilk in, leave some space at the top, and add some dry ice. It needs to be shipped overnight express, and UPS usually gives me the least problems. It's heavy, and can get expensive, but is sooooo well worth it. HTH, and if you need any other info, let me know:).
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If you put it in a cooler, plastic or styrofoam, pack it as full as possible, and then pack crumpled newspaper on top of that all the way to the top, duct tape it closed, and ship it over night during the week.. the price is a LOT cheaper. You actually don't need the dry ice. The milk will keep the other milk frozen and the newspaper takes care of any other possible meltage. All the dry ice really does it be expensive and add a lot of weight.
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