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My dd cracks me up with her ability to remember consistently if she somehow only gets one side at a nursing session. My right side makes more milk, and always has, with all 4 kids. I've given up fighting it, and the older 3 actually weaned from the left a month or two before the right, probably because of it. Little dd doesn't seem to care as much, but still likes to start on the right, so almost all our nursing sessions are first the right side, then the left. Occasionally, she will only have the right, and then be distracted, or want something else and forget to have the left. When that happens, no matter how many hours go by before she wants to nurse again (even all day on occasion,) she always will come up ask me for the "other side." She never says that if she's had both sides at the previous nursing, then she always says "I want nursie," but if she only had one side the last time, she'll always say "I want other side" and consistently insist on starting on the left the next time. How the heck does she keep track? She just turned 2! Anyone else's dc do this - or is my girl just strange?
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