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Doesn't slinging all the time hurt your back???

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I have two slings and I really don't understand why people love them so much (and use them all the time). From my experience, the sling puts all the weight on your one shoulder, and it hurts after a few minutes. I've tried adjusting the distribution on my shoulder, but still. I have a baby trekker that distributes the weight evenly between my shoulders and hips, and I can use it for a long time without pain.
What is so great about slinging? You can't really do things unless you have one arm supporting the baby (like washing the dishes for example). Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to use the sling, but I just don't understand how it's supposed to be comfortable. Does the SImply Attached carrier work (a variation of the sling)...

by the way, my baby is 10 months old.
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well, a good sling should distribute the weight evenly, and you should be able to use it without holding onto the baby with one hand.
what kind do you have? obviously, whatever kind you have isn't working for you, so that was kind of a dumb question! have you been to ? you can peruse the many different styles of slings and see if one of theirs would work better for you.
and honestly, at 10 months i had stopped using the sling. i used the hip carrier for shopping and the zoo and stuff and the trekker for exercise.
I agree with Elph. A good sling, at the right size won't hurt your back. I have an OTSBH and a very bad back - and I can sling my babe no problem. But, it does hurt if I have it on incorrectly.
I don't have a bad back, and I've had problems with both the Maya Wrap and the OTSBH, even when using them correctly. Now I have an Ultimate Baby Wrap, and I can wear my 18.5 lb. dd for hours with total comfort. I nurse her in it in the upright position while I make dinner, and she likes to face outward for walks and shopping. It distributes the weight perfectly, and she feels like she weighs much less than her actual weight.
I only sling when I'm going to be out for a short while. I haven't had a problem wearing the new native for a short time but I have it on for more than an hour 1/2(I use a bjorn then).Some people do have delicate backs and should avoid thestres to it.You gotta find a system that works well for you.
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