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Doesn't want to play with papa for too long...

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My 10.5 mo sonny doesn't want to stay with me for too long always looking for mama to be around.
He just doesn't want to stay without mama for too long. You should know he's always been happy with papa. And he is just happy to see me come from work, crawling to me across the room at high speed. I've always played and taken care about him. In other words we've always been very close. And he really LOVES his daddy. But once it's been about 5 to 10 min of playing with daddy Dima kind of realizes there is something missing, and that something is mama. And then he just takes off dropping his toys. It's not something about I've scared him or he is some way scared of me. I've never been rude or harsh to him, and the whole thing started a week ago. Now my wife feels like "24hr-chained-to-Dima-days" got back, and she is cranky and exhausted.
And the thing is when mama is near he is happy to play with me just running from mama to papa back and forth. Weird. Once he gets to mama he doesn't start nursing he just looks happy he is in mama's arms looking around seeing papa and laughing at him.
Forgot to say, if you don't let him go to mama he will start fussing and then whining pretty badly.
Anyone have anything like that?

I really don't think it's a great problem because we've gone through our hardest times. It's just weird and unexpected. And I don't understand what it comes from. As for his character Dima is VERY mobile, VERY merry, pretty much not a quiet kid, always having a great smile on his face. Hard to find him without a smile
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My son's only 4 months, but what your son is doing sounds very normal. I wouldn't worry too much about it, and try not to take it too personally- obviously he loves you, he just feels that he needs his mama too!

If mom needs some time alone, try keeping her out of sight maybe- or do a favorite activity that he's likely to keep interested in. My husband will sit our son on his knee and play the guitar for him- my son loves this- he could sit there for quit a while!

My dd is a few months younger than your son, but we are having similar issues right now. She loves her papa....when mama's around. If I leave for a few hours (which I have to do as I am a student and go to class three afternoons a week), she screams the entire time
We've been working on it, but I don't have the answer yet. Just wanted to let you not that you're not alone. Hopefully this is just a phase that will pass....
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just wanted to second the guitar thing!
sometimes that's my only salvation.
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