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Dog keeps baby from falling out of bed

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Our mattress and box spring are on the floor. Fat lot of good it did since our matress is 21 inches deep!
But, we have Wally. Wally is our Saint Bernard(ish). He is the BEST babysitter on the planet. I swear if he could change a diaper and make a bottle I would leave him alone with the kid.
When Charlie crawls around on the bed, Wally follows him, always positioning himself in front of Charlie so Charlie can't go off the bed. If he gets too close to the edge, or Wally doesn't think he can 'handle' it, he barks.
It took us a few days to realize what he was doing, but now it rocks!
Wally has always been super protective of Charlie. He sleeps with his head on the bed right beside Charlie's head. If Charlie is in his swing, Wally sleeps right in front of it. If Charlie is crawling around, Wally follows him.
But the barking when the baby gets near the edge of the bed is his best trick yet!
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Aw- how cute
Our cat keeps dd from falling out of bed by snuggling right next to her....

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That's great! I've always said I didn't want a dog, but I didn't really think they could be so sweet! Hmmmmm......
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I love St. Bernards! You have a great dog!
That's great! I wish our cat cared about DS, but so far, he just seems to tolerate him.
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I wonder if I could train our corgi puppy to do that when the new little one arrives... granted, the corgi can't get on the bed yet (short little legs lol) but it could be darn useful..

p.s. don't let my dh see this thread, he's been wanting a StBernard for years and we *just* got the corgi (which was his number 1 choice, the st was his #2 and we have a small house lol)
That is so cool. I can't wait to share this story with one of my best friends. She has a beautiful St Bernard.
great story. Makes me want to get a St. Bernard.
I have two rescued Brittanys and they do the same thing with Easton. Dooley is actually teaching him how to walk right now. He lets
Big E pull up on his back and he walks real slow with him teaching him how to walk!! Damn I love dogs!!!!
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That's so sweet

Our dog is super protective of our 5 year old and has been since he was a baby. For some reason though, she hasn't figured out that the baby is well, a baby. She keeps stepping on her or over her and generally freaking the poor girl out. She was so cautious with ds but with dd she just sort of ignores her for now. Dd just started crawling so we'll see how long she can try to ignore her!
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AWE, I love Saints we have had 2. One was the best most careful protector of our girls (we lost her this winter). We are waiting for a puppy that we will get at the end of May(another St, of coarse)!
Awwwwww! Thats so cool! Sometimes, stories like this really make up for all the awful one you hear.
You're making me miss dogs!
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Neat story!

Dogs are so awesome! I miss the 2 I grew up with (they passed on a couple years ago). I'm trying to get dh to want to get one now!
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