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Dog shoes for hot weather--do they exsist?

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Hi ya'll!

My mom called me up this morning and asked if I knew where she could find some leather booties to put on her little pooch (pomeranian) to keep his feet from being burned in the Arizona summer heat. I told her that I didn't, but that I'd ask around and see what kinds of things are available.

Any ideas?
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I'm pretty sure she can get them at Petsmart. Lots of people use dog shoes for hot weather around here.

Her bigger problem will be getting one that fits, especially if she's got a correct Pom with teeeeeeeeny feet. She may be better off using a newborn baby sock and putting puff paint on the bottom and fastening with a tiny strip of velcro or something.
I'm not sure if puff paint would be enough of an insulator against the heat- do you know how heat resisant it is? Day temps here are easily 110 in the summer, with sidewalk temps even higher.
I don't know whether it would protect enough--but I also know that putting shoes on a Pom can be difficult. They have such a tiny paw, and it's almost as wide as the leg (with all the hair it should actually be smaller than the leg, but you can squish the hair a little). She'll need to find a shoe that's more like a column than a "shoe."
Thank you so much guys--I've been looking around and I have to agree, the pom has tiny little feetsies and I'm sure my mom is going to have a tough time keeping them on him using anything short of super-glue, not that I would consider that an option...

I appreciate your thoughtful responses!
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