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Doing Montessori K and then PS K?

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Has anyone had their child complete primary in Montessori (3-6), but instead of putting them in first grade the next year, put them in public school K?

We're thinking about doing this with ds, who will be 6 in late June. He's bright, and I think someday academics will really click with him, but right now I don't think he's ready for first grade, based off what I've heard about first grade. I was a summer birthday too, and ended up waiting until 2nd grade to stay back--so much more stigma and i don't want him to go through that. He's also a little small for his age, and has a difficult time with reading, writing, and language related activities. Socially he gets along with anyone.
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I don't have any experience but it made me think of my younger brother. He attended Montessori school when he was 3 and 4 and then kindergarten at the local public school when he was 5. I remember him being bored because other children were learning how to write their names and such and he knew the whole map of Asia. He did transition fine, and I truly believe that one of the reason's he has been so successful in his education is because he has always had a love for learning and I completely contribute that to starting out in Montessori school. (he is finishing up his Master's in May

I don't have any advice as to whether or not to start your ds in K or 1st grade but is there any way he can continue on in Montessori? To me that would be the best option, but IMO a few years of Montessori is better than none and he will likely have a lifelong advantage because of it
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Thanks for responding. Your story is familar, and I hear many that are similar, and I was expecting that for ds. But...and believe me, I never thought I'd say this...but I think he might do better in a traditional, public school learning environment than in a Montessori one. He goes to a good Montessori school now, but he hasn't come away from it with a strong foundation in "academic work" as they call it. His teacher has basically told me, in so many words, that when it comes to school work, he has no strong points, and that he is "behind" in all academic areas. I flat out asked if she could name any strengths, and she paused and then said that he's very social. We like the teacher, and she has the reputation of being one of the very best Montessori guides in the city, but I don't know why it is this way. He's a bright kid, but she thinks he's dyslexic or has some type of LD, but we called to get him evaluated and all of the places we have called say he's too young to be tested.

I post all of this because, while I like the Montessori method and will be putting my daughter in the same school, I have heard that it's not for everyone and I never believed them. Now I kind of do. I think he's had a good experience, and it's provided him a nurturing environment, so that's great. But academically, I had higher hopes and this didn't turn out to be the case.
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