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<!-- Bambino -->

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This sweet dollie is not only jointed, it is surprisingly proportional and comes with a cloth diaper for realistic play. Soft and made from natural materials in a social outreach cooperative in Peru, this little love is the perfect eco-gift for any boy or girl.

<!-- Bamboletta Dolls -->

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Bamboletta Dolls

It's no secret here at Mothering that we love Bamboletta Dolls. Unsurpassed in quality and created from 100% natural materials, these sweeties are handmade by a small team of moms with lots of love and attention. Each lovely girl or boy is a delightfully detailed, truly one of a kind friend with his or her own unique personality. The little ladies are seriously sought after though, so they do sell out very quickly. If you are interested in buying one make sure to visit their website and read their instructions for how to secure a doll.

  • $130 and up from Bamboletta

    <!-- Organic Natalie Ragdoll -->

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    Organic Natalie Ragdoll

    What an adorable doll! This little girl has a classic design with a modern flair and is made from 100% organic cotton. She is certified by Organic Exchange, meaning her journey is fully traceable, and is stuffed with PET recycled bottles. Gotta love that.
    <!-- Autumn Elf Doll -->

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    Autumn Elf Doll

    Another unique and gorgeous doll from Wildflower Innocence. This detailed autumn fairy would be a truly magical addition to any play set.
    <!-- Natural Waldorf Inspired Knight -->

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    Natural Waldorf Inspired Knight

    A knight like no other! Finely crafted and ready for any fairy tale castle, kids young and old will delight to play with this special friend.
    <!-- Kindness Elf Girl -->

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    Kindness Elf Girl

    What a sweet and wonderful idea, a kindness elf! This beautiful little girl would make an excellent stocking stuffer. Handmade so that each is unique in the USA.
    <!-- Pink Flower Fairy -->

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    Pink Flower Fairy

    What could be more magical than a tiny pink fairy? Absolutely beautifully made right here in the US, this winged friend is sure to add a touch of magic anywhere she goes.
    <!-- Natural Handmade Doll Family -->

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    Natural Handmade Doll Family

    We've been blessed to have reviewed many small dolls over the years here at Mothering, and these amazing little finds are the most gorgeous and well made we have ever seen. The construction is super strong, the materials natural and simple, and the detail astounding. They are a joy to hold and will give any gift giver some serious pride. Each doll is handmade in the US by a talented craftwoman and is a unique work of art. This set is a family of four, with the mom holding a fifth little darling.
    <!-- Kindness Elf Boy -->

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    Kindness Elf Boy

    Brother to the delightful kindness elf girl seen above, this boy doll is truly a one of a kind creation. Fine detail and excellent craftsmanship make it well worth the price.
    <!-- Set of 2 Cotton Flannel Doll Diapers -->

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    Set of Two Cotton Flannel Doll Diapers

    What a great way to teach little ones about the environmental importance of cloth diapering! These darling little diapers are made in the US of natural materials.
    <!-- Dolly's Diaper Bag Set -->

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    Dolly's Diaper Bag Set

    What a fun gift for the dollie lover in your family. This cute set comes with a diaper bag, a quilted changing pad, two dolly diapers, and a soft cotton wipe. Handmade with care in the US.
    <!-- Fairy Tale Castle -->

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    Fairy Tale Castle

    We can't tell you how much we love this amazing, wooden fairy tale castle from master craftsman David Smalley of Elves and Angels. Its distinctive design, gorgeous construction, large size and functional drawbridge make it an heirloom quality piece that is well worth the investment. This castle is sure to be a dream come true for any child. Made in Maine.
    <!-- Fairytale Fortress Walls -->

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    Fairytale Fortress Walls

    Used alongside the Fairy Tale Castle from Elves and Angels, or as a standalone toy, these fortress walls are heavy duty and will provide an endless assortment of possible play scenarios. So much fun!
    <!-- Fairytale Castle Deluxe Set -->

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    Fairytale Castle Deluxe Set

    The perfect pair, this is the Fairy Tale Castle from Elves and Angels with the Fortress Walls seen above. These two items together only increase the imaginative fun that is sure to come from playing with these high quality, made in the USA items!
    <!-- Sam's Stable -->

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    Sam's Stable

    Moving stable doors and a real ladder are only the beginning of the fun with this large finely crafted stable. This versatile creation would be the perfect home for a family of farm animals, as an animal rescue center or as a more traditional doll house. As with all items from Elves and Angels, the quality of these stables cannot be beat. Made in Maine, it is sure to last and last.
    <!-- Matryoshka Dolls -->

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    Matryoshka Dolls

    The Matryoshka doll from Little DeMoura Designs is a beautifully crafted toy at a great price. This huggable girl is the perfect size for toddlers and offers a choice of several colorful hair colors and dress designs. Constructed from 100% cotton, handmade in the USA. Two sizes--the smaller version is also a rattle.
    <!-- Dewdrop Washable Doll -->

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    Dewdrop Washable Doll

    What a unique idea from A Toy Garden. This doll is designed to be completely washable, a must for toddlers who put their toys through so much! 13" tall and handmade in California, this dollie is sure to delight.