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donating bm

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I was just looking into donating milk and I found a site called the National Milk Bank. I was just wondering if anyone had donated through them before and how their experience had been. Or has anyone donated through any bank before? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I donated through the Mother's Milk Bank in Austin, TX. It was really good experience and helped me stick with breastfeeding despite problems related to HUGE over supply. I'm not familar with the National Milk Bank. For the Austin bank I was required to fill out some forms, make an intial donation of 100 oz, and get lab work done (to check for hepitius, etc.). They milk bank payed for the lab work. My son's pediatrican also had to sign off on a form that he was healthy and not having feeding problems.
I've never donated through a large organization, but I have participated in local breastmilk donation efforts. You might want to contact your local LLL or AP mamas group (or even a breastfeeding friendly local ped) to see if there is a low supply or in need mama in your local community.

Some of my local hospitals also maintain milk banks but I don't know what the protocol is for donating milk.

Good luck!
Ihave donated to Denver and San Jacinto (Sp?). Bioth were awsome. both made me feel like a royalty. They were so sweet and accomodating.

call them first and make sure you meet the minimum requirements, what you need to store it in and when you will have enough to make your first shipment. scout out a place to get dry ice.

if you call and they don't call you back keep trying. they are so busy and so understaffed. Don't take it personally or think it means they don't want/need your milk. Seriuosly, just keeop trying. you won't be percieved as a pain. Just someone who is motivated and they will appreciate that.
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