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I read someone else's post about donating books to the library and thought it was a great idea! I also thought that I shouldn't just stop at my own city...I'll get books sent all over the country! So I went to and and bought 8 books so far, between $1 and $3.50 each. (If you do this, make sure you look carefully at the descriptions, there were some books promoting circ that I obviously avoided, we don't want to buy any pro-circ books on accident.) I placed 3 separate orders so I could ship a couple books directly to my friend in PA, and a couple to my friend in AZ, and I asked both of them to donate these books to their local libraries. The books shipped to me will end up in libraries in OR and WA. When I find some more cheap anti-circ books, I'm going to send a couple to my sister in TN for her local library, too. I love getting ideas from all of you on MDC.
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