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Done with bedrest!!!!!

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YAY!!!!!! I saw my Dr yesterday and told him that since I measure a week ahead with both the u/s and belly measurement plus my uterus hasn't dropped in over 2 weeks, I should be fine if I started doing stuff. He agreed with me. I knew he would and actually started increasing my activity a bit at the beginning of this week. I knew once I start getting up it would be awful hard on my body.

So appt went good, baby sounds great and Dr is finally happy with my weight gain (only took being in bed for two months and eating nothing but junk food!).

Now if we can just keep the PTL at bay then we will be doing great. It was weird, though. When I took a bath in the morning my belly didn't have any stretch marks above my belly button, except a few old ones. When I went to bed last night after being up most of the day, I noticed that suddenly I have a bunch of new purple marks. I guess it's cause my skin is not used to being pulled down and suddenly it was pulled down by the weight of the baby.

Oh, yeah, and my Mom and dh are driving me nuts! "Don't do too much!" "You still need to take it easy" My Mom tells the kids "Your Mom shouldn't have to do dishes and laundry!" I feel like saying I know my body and what it can and can't handle and I care more about this baby than any of you. Leave me alone! URGH! At least my dh isn't as rediculous about it as my Mom is. If it were up to my Mom she would have me in bed for the next 13 weeks!
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Yay for you!!! What are you going to do first?
I dreamed all the time of going shopping just for the sake of shopping. But I don't even have a car today! I'm mostly just going to take it easy for a few days. Yesterday exhausted me! I'll also have to keep reminding myself that I CAN get up and do something for myself! LOL
Woohoo!!! Good for you. That must be a great feeling!
Friday wasn't bad but Friday night I had ctx that made me nervous. At first I thought it was just cramping and then I realized it was ctx that I could barely feel. They were so light I thought I was imagining them until I started timing them and found they were extremely regular, 2 1/2 min apart lasting 1 1/2 min. Still thinking they were no big deal and I really wanted to go to sleep and not worry about it, I got in the tub. That ALWAYS stops them but this time it didn't and they were just as consistent. That was the thing that made me nervous the most. I got out and took some uterine calming herbs and after about 1/2 hour they got to the point that I couldn't tell when they stopped or started, could only feel the middle of it, so I went to sleep.

All day Saturday I felt super crampy, like bad menstrual cramps. I tried everything that I could to get it to go away and then finally I gave in and took a Lortab. It worked and it's a good thing it did because I was ready to go to the hospital.

Yesterday I went to church (I probably shouldn't have but my morning had been good and I've missed going so much!) and had no problems so, hopefully, I'm not destined to finish out this pregnancy in bed. I'm going to stay down today and tomorrow and then start increasing my activity again and then go from there.
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Great news!!!!!

Hopefully your body will get used to more activity soon

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