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Donor Milk

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How would you feel if a friend offered to provide breastmilk for your adopted child?
We have friends who are adopting domestically. We haven't discussed with them how they plan to feed their baby. Would it be out of line for me to offer to pump for them? My milk supply with ds was beyond abundant and when baby #2 is born I expect it will be again. I also expect to continue lactating for at least the next 2 years.
Have you or would you accept donor milk from a friend? Are there any legal issues if the bm crosses state lines? TIA
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My best friend offered to donate milk for me (I was inducing lactation), and I was totally thrilled! I think it would be wonderful of you to offer.

I would say just keep the commitment and the communication open-ended. It may be more of a commitment than you bargained for (the reality of caring for two children, nursing your own babe, and pumping). Just make sure you communicate with your friends what the expectations are and talk about it if any changes come up. Would you plan to donate long-term? Just for the first little while? I think whatever you wish to do is great, but just make sure they know.
I think it sounds great. I would offer, because they may feel it is too much to ask, or maybe they hadn't thought of it....

I would offer. If you feel comfortable mentioning it, you could also bring up trying to induce lactation, too, with your milk as an suppliment. That way the demands arent as taxing on your body. Also, I too had an amazing milk supply with dd#1. I was like a dairy heifer - to the point where I was still soaking nursing pads when dd was 12 months old. With DD#2 my milk supply was adequate for her and not much else. (I'm not saying this to discourage you, I'm just saying you never really knoww till it happens).
I think it is a fantastic offer.
Don't be surprised if your friend is taken aback at first
, I know I would be, but it really is a very kind and extremely generous offer! I might feel a little bad about the milk not coming from me, but I would be thrilled at knowing that my baby was getting breastmilk, and from someone I loved. You are a good friend!

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well, we haven't even made the decision for sure to go with adoption (dealing with IF) but my best friend who is pg has already made the offer to me and it was such a sweet thing for her to do in the midst of our weirdness (her pg, me dealing with IF)-it really touched my soul. if we do go w/adoption, i'll prolly try to induce lactation and take her up on her offer, too. I think you should definitely mention it!
I would be beyond thrilled if one of my friends offered donor milk -- though I plan to induce lactation, I have no idea what my supply may be like and it would be wonderful to not have to stress about it too much, at least for a little while. You're such a good friend!
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Thank you for all of the replies. I will mention it to them. If we decide to go for it I will make sure we are all clear on our expectations.
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