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don't forget unconventional births airs tonight!

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You can get an email reminder. Its Baby Week, not sure how many other births might be unconventional. *Rarely* will Birth Day show one. I got my reminder timer on my tv set!
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Does anyone know if this is being aired in Cananda?? I get Discovery Health on my Satellite but looked last night and there were no baby shows.
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Shannon, I'm not seeing anything on the site.....

You're welcome, Sparkle!

I see its on the MDC calendar.
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Thank you! I already forgot! I'm going to set my timer. I watched the Amazing Births marathon last night.

Tracie (who would have been so pi$$ed if she had missed it)
did you see that!!!! I watched the end of it! I was gonna tell folks but, it doesn't seem like its gonna air again. I saw the one on the way to the bc and the outside remote wb. That was a cool show!
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