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Don't know where to post this, Birth Control Question for BF mamas?

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So, I want/need to get on birth control. Because of my extreme migraines, the pill is out, and I was talking to my midwife and she recommended the IUD. She recommended the Minera one. That's the one with progesterone. Has anyone here ever used it? Did you like it? Have problems with it?
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I have the Mirena - it was inserted at 8weeks PP, and I haven't had a period yet (now 8 months). I don't know if that is due solely to BF, or if having an IUD has anything to do with that.

I like it - I have had no supply issues, no mood swings or skin problems (like I had on the pill), and I actually have some semblance of a sex drive.

It was slightly uncomfortable going in - it felt much like an internal exam, and then some mild cramping. It all felt normal the next day.
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i think it´s the samen one i´m getting next month. didn´t know it had progesterone. anyway, i thought alot about it and i think it´s the best way to go. good luck!
I got the Mirena IUD exactly 6 weeks after delivering. I'm not pregnant yet so I gotta say so far so good!
I have the mirena also. No period for me either, and it's been 6 months. A little discomfort during insertion, but otherwise is great. There is a non-hormonal IUD too.
well never mind ladies, I just called my insurance and they don't cover any.form.of.birth control. none. Well, i am sorry, they do cover ONE pill. Not several kinds or options just one. And I am a severe migraine sufferer and can't use those. So poop.
Insurance companies blow... I am not a fan of any kind of hormonal BC personally, but I understand the necessity of wanting/needing something more than charting/BBT/NFP especially while BF. I have had an IUD, the Paragard copper T 380 (no hormones) it was great and I will probably do that again after dc #4 until menopause (about 10 years, as long as the IUD is good for.) On a side note; as a nurse that worked in a women's clinic and did a lot of contraception counseling, I wouldn't recommend using an IUD for a period of less than 3 years minimum. A cervical cap or diaphragm along with charting to avoid would be a much better option. IUD is better for longer term contra not close child spacing. As far as your insurance company that sucks. Don't get me started on the conservative politics of insurance companies, or I'll highjack your thread! Don't give up on fertility control options (it might be semantics, but I prefer the term "Fertility Control", attributed to the late great Margaret Sanger. It's not BIRTH you want to control, it's your FERTILITY.) check with local clinics including PP or other not- for-profit sliding fee scale medical clinics. I know there are a couple here where I live that do IUD's very cheaply.
Best of luck,
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If it is the hormones in the pill that give you migraines, the progesterone IUD may not be good either. There is also the Paragard IUD which does not have hormones. I think those run about $700 with no ins. We've been just using condoms and keeping track of my ovulation times. Its been 7 months and no baby so far! If your cycles are regular, charting might be a good option for you!
We're planning on using condoms and charting (although I guess that can be tricky during bf). I'd like to feel comfortable with the IUD, but I just don't and it's too bad because we're not getting pregnant for at least 4 years.
Do you qualify for the Take Charge program from Planned Parenthood? Here's the link. I was on this before I got decent insurance. Their income levels are pretty high! Worth checking out?
I WAS gonna do the Mirena one, but then I liked the idea of the paraguard one better because it has no hormones. And hormones MESS me up. But, the only reason I even asked you guys about the Mirena is because my midwife warned me that with my already EXTREMELY heavy periods they may get heavier, and that scared the snot out of me. (Like days one and two I change my heavy overnight pad every 45 min to an hour type heavy.) After some research it appears that IF this did happen, then it would likely slow down within 3-6 months.

As far as charting goes, my periods are extremely erratic (I have had three so far and they have been 22 days apart, 45 days apart and 32 days apart and that's par for the course with me. It's a miracle I ever got pregnant, LOL!!). I still intend to chart, regardless. Who knows, maybe I can figure out SOME kind of pattern. I reread my copy of Taking Charge of your Fertility (that's the title right? Or is it taking control....anyways), and I am going to start charting again, but I could never make sense of them before. Maybe my midwife could give me some good pointers if I track for awhile and she looks em over.

As far as a diaphram and everything goes (get ready for the dumbest question ever....seriously...) I don't know that much about how they work. Based on my experiences with trying things like the Instead and the Diva and leaking right outta those....I mean I know that diaphragms are fitted......I don't know what I am talking about. I have never had good luck with things that are inserted (tampons, menstrual cups ect and I hate doing them too). My midwife attributed it to the cervical cancer and the surgery I had along with that. So is it possible that I will have the same problem with a diaphragm?

I am gonna look into the Take Charge thing throuh PP, and see if they offer the IUD (Jess, we don't want to have another for at least 2 years, but I see what you are saying about them not being a good idea for shorter term.....never thought about that.....). I just don't want to get pregnant. NOT now. Ah well. I will figure it out!
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FWIW, I just got the Paragard IUD at Planned Parenthood, and that plus the exam was only ~$200. Not cheap, but definitely preferable to getting pregnant anytime soon.

Originally Posted by Kritto View Post
FWIW, I just got the Paragard IUD at Planned Parenthood, and that plus the exam was only ~$200. Not cheap, but definitely preferable to getting pregnant anytime soon.

That's a great deal. I got the Mirena and we had to pay 500$ for the exam and the IUD itself. Those tiny little things are expensive! BUT, well worth it. It took me a while to come around to being comfortable with the idea of an IUD, but now I'm SO glad I did. I was paranoid about getting pg again (I have 2 DCs that are 21 months apart) and we know we want to wait 3 years before trying again. And when I figured out how much any other type of BC would be, it pretty much equals out what we paid up front for the Mirena.

GL! I hate worrying about BC.
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