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doorway bouncers

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So, DH and I are looking into using a doorway bouncer (used to called a Johnny Jump-Up, I think) for DS... he's always trying to be on his feet, has awesome head control, and is even starting to sit up on his own (he'll be 4 months on October 3rd) and is SUPER active
; always moving. We think he might have a blast with the occasional micro-supervised bouncy session, but have heard so much bad press about these things.

What do you think? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Considering using one for your own child? If you use one, which do you recommend? How do you maximize the saftey factor?
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
I don't know what brand we have, but my dd LOVED this contraption. We have thick beams that run through our living room on the ceiling, so I (with minor carpentry work) found a way to hook it up in the middle of the room instead of the doorway. THis way, she could spin around and be in the center of our universe the whole time. She **** likes to be the center of attention
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We just put it away a few weeks ago because he grew tired of it, but he loved it from 4months to 9months. We used it about 30-45mins/day and he went nuts jumping in it. Just so you know, you can also get one that is on a stand instead of attached to your door frames. We didn't have door frames in the right part of the house, so we got that one, that is a little more, but well worth it to us. You can look at it on the Jolly Jumper Website . I say go for it and you'll laugh right along with him. It was just as much fun for me to watch him as it was for him to bounce (and the more I laughed the more he bounced).
We have the bouncer by Graco that has a tray. I think the bouncer was the best $30 I have ever spent. I bought it for ds when he was just 3 1/2 months old because he always wanted to be standing and a mom's arms get tired

In my experience, some babies like the bouncer and some don't. It sounds like your baby is like mine... active. Ds spends a little time in it each day. Now that he is capable of sitting up and crawling (at 6 months) he equally likes being on the floor. I think ds liked it so much from the beginning because even when he was 3 1/2 months he could control where he was looking and turn around in the bouncer. Our pediatrician told us to get an exersaucer because she felt they were 'better' for the baby, but ds doesn't like the exersaucer very much and it takes up a huge amount of space.
Bottom line? We love the bouncer
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Oh man, DS LOOOOOVED his Jolly Jumper, and so did we! We have an older house with solid door frames that we could hang it on, and he just went nuts bouncing. DH also rigged a hook in the ceiling of his study over his filing cabinet, and ds could bounce while daddy worked on the computer (great for the 2 months that dh was a SAHD). Evan loved being upright, and I think he enjoyed the physical motion and the sense of control.

My MIL got it for us and we were very impressed with the quality. The Jolly Jumper is one sturdy piece of equipment!

I just have to share these pictures:

Evan in JJ on Xmas

Bouncing with Daddy on the computer

More bouncing with Daddy

Short video clip of bouncing here!
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We were given two johnny-jump-ups at our baby shower. I didn't plan on ever using them because I've read/heard so much about how they are not good for babies' development. I also am just kind of against putting my kids in any contraptions. We did end up hanging one of the jump-ups from our ceiling (our doorways don't have molding), but have only used it three or four times. The boys do like it, but only for a few minutes at a time. And they are really active kiddos. They've been crawling/sitting/pulling up since five months.

My opinion is that when used in moderation (ideally no more than 15 minutes a day), bouncers really aren't bad for a baby's development, though I certainly don't think they help any. I think it also depends on what you're doing while the baby is in the bouncer. Are you interacting with your bouncing babe, or just letting him hang/bounce there while you do other stuff? Not that I think you need to be interacting with your baby every waking minute, but I think it's nicer to use contraptions to enhance interaction rather than as "baby sitters." If I need to do something without a baby for a few minutes, I prefer to set my guys up on the floor with some new exciting objects (like measuring cups, cardboard boxes, empty spice containers) than to put them in a bouncer/similar contraption.

I wouldn't buy one. Before long, your baby will be able to pull himself up and bounce all on his own!

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Our DD is just 4 months, and we got one for her. She's a little small for it, but her head, neck & torso control is very good.

I only use it with her approximately once a week, for 10 minutes or so. I got it not to aid her development, or babysit her, but because she's an exceedingly curious baby and she likes to do different things.

Because she's so small, she really only bounces slightly and kicks herself in a circle, but she's entranced by doing it, even if for a short while. It's fun for her, and fun for us!

Like I said, though, we use it pretty infrequently because she is so small, and it's probably more taxing for her than it would be for an older baby.
I was given a bouncer at my babyshower and my chiropractor and doctor said they were horrible for development of the knees and hips. I have realy screwed up knees and hips and, being the third child, I spent alot of time in one of those things. My mom feels terrible for it (she did not know any better then). I took mine back to the store when dd was a month old so I wouldnt ever be tempted to use it. I would not ever want to interfere with the way her body is supposed to grow and I dont want her to suffer from a hip and/or disorter.
I have a relative who works with pediatrics at Mass General Hospital in Boston -- they have seen a huge increase in hip fractures as a result of these bouncers. Apparently the baby pushes off the floor with 6 times or more of his body weight and developing muscles/joints cannot handle the pressure.

She made me promise not to get one.
wowee..we have a second hand one my sis gave us, veronica was only in it 3-4 times, and she would mostly just twirl, not jump, but i didnt like it for some reason....I am glad we didnt use it when she got big enough to jump big time. ouch.

my sis has a new baby, and has been asking for it back, says she needs it cuz it helps babies get nice, strong legs for walking (she says that because I didnt use it for my dd enough, and she isnt walking yet lol) I was gunna just hand it over to her, good riddance, but maybe I shouldnt.....for minimal use it may be fine, but she is a 'neglect device' type of person, and would use this for that purpose......

hmmm, thanks for the info, ladies.
okay`i hate to be the downer here, but recently i met a woman who works in a school with kids who have had problems developmentally (in overt and subtle ways), and in her training she learned that some children are affected by these jumpers not as much because of their necks being too weak, but because some fluid in their head or ears or something is compressed. i think she said it affects their spatial awareness or something like that.

it was a brief convo over dinner w/ my 21 mo old ds, so as you can imagine, it came in bits and pieces, but was interesting nevertheless.

she was very positive that it could be remedied etc. but it made me happy that neither of my children had much interest in the jump ups, b/c i was right there w/one for both of them to try.

she also talked about how crawling was also a connection to their development later on, which i have heard, but she clarified that a developmental milestone is missed when they skip crawling and go to standing and walking.

she talked about how children who didn't crawl tend to lean forward more when you ask them to walk backwards and that there were other things they did to test their situation.

dd did not crawl, and i had one teacher who pointed out to me that she wasn't able to do a simple tumble at an age that most kids were able to, and a few other simple tasks that dd wasn't totally comfortable doing.

she didn't tie it to her not crawling, but she did point it out at a parent teacher conference when dd was about 9 yo.

anyway, food for thought.
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My dd loved it. Ds is 5 1/2 months and he really likes it. Dd likes when ds is in it now, she likes to play with him while he's in it.
Loved it!!! ds was very active early on as well, we put him in there at about 5 months, he loved it and would spend all day in there if I would let him!! The directions on the box say not to use it till they are 6 months, but if we had waited that long he wouldn't have been interested then.
My ds loved it and still does, at almost a year. Actually, it's the only way that I can shower---I have it in the doorway to (our very small) bathroom. He still just laughs when he gets in it.
OT, but that whole not-crawling thing is nonsense. There are whole cultures whose babies don't crawl.
At about four months I let Jakob go in the Jolly Jumper between 10-30 minutes a day, just depending. He is verrry active. At that age he could not get around like he does now, but had sooo much energy to get out, mostly thru his legs. He was continuously wanting to be held and bounce in my lap (or anyone elses). The comment about the jumpers not being good for leg and knees...what about if your babe is bouncing outside the jumper in a lap? I don't know, it seems like every baby is different and maybe it's okay for some with really strong legs already.
But I agree it shouldn't be used as a "babysitting" tool. Depending on his mood, sometimes I would sit right in front of him and talk and laugh with him (that thing always had him laughing). Even baby's need their space though, so sometimes I would hop on the computer with him a few feet away in the jumper and let him do his thing. He is crawling all over the place now and is too big for his jumper anyway now.
I don't have much to offer in this discussion except that I remember my family calling the Jolly Jump-up the Jolly Throw-up ....
She would jump and jump in there for usually a half hour at a time. She always wanted me to be watching her while she was in it and would cry if I left the room. I started her in it once she could hold up her head well (4 months?) I think she loved the fact that she was using her own strength to propell herself up and down and up and down. She felt almost like a big person. I always had a mat under her that is about one 1/2 inch thick, made out of foam, just in case. I think that the only way babies could get really damaged in the jj would be if they were left in it every day for long periods on a hard floor. I found the jj a lifesaver sometimes. Like this spring when I had to do some gardening, and she didn't want to sleep, and I didn't want to kill my back stooping over to plantseed etc. while carrying her... she would watch me under an umbrella, with her toes in the dirt. She doesn't like the jj any more now, as she can crawl, so I don't force it. But the jumping devices are not garunteed that every baby will like them, and for how long. HTH
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Oh no, now I feel guilty again. My baby LOVES his jumper. He has reflux, and he is sooo happy to be upright (he always cries lying down). We put on music for him and he jumps to the beat...yet another thing to feel I'm a bad mother for?
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