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Doppler, huntleigh the best?

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I've only ever used a Huntleigh because that is all I had access to. Well, now I need to buy one, eBay of course, but I don't want to spend money on one that's no good. I do not see Huntleigh's on ebay at the moment. Anyone have others that they like? It will only be used for labor, not prenatally. Obviously, waterproof is needed. What do you like besides the very very expensive ones? Anyone use Sonotech?
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I like my imex elite. Very simple. Seems durable.
I've heard negative reviews of Huntleigh's customer service. I have an Imex Elite and I like it. I've also used the Summit doppler and like it. And the Medasonics Tria seems very nice. I especially like that its probe is magnetic and there's no clip/holder to break. Keeping the probe secure is very important to the function of your doppler.

ETA: the one in the auction is the brand I've been considering for my waterproof doppler since the waterproof probe for my doppler is the same price as that entire doppler.
hey this has a water proof head and looks good- if it is cheap enough buy it-- a water proof head for my doppler will cost 250 just by it's self.
I have used all sorts of dopplers and huntleigh is expensive and breaks - usually the door over the battery and other parts break as well-- but very common to have this part break.
I have a Huntleigh, have had a couple over the years and have loved their sound quality over anything else. Nothing even comes close.
Every Huntleigh I've ever been around has been broken in one way or another. The battery covers and the clips that attach the probe to the unit are notorious for breaking. I bought a refurbished Tria Medsonics last year on Ebay and I love it. The magnetic probe is very handy and I love the sound. The sound quality is a little softer than some of the others, but clear, and it's preferable to my ears. My model also came with a longer cord which has been helpful.
Huntleigh's always have broken plastic, IME. I've had to use a malfunctioning Tria - the button didn't work and I didn't like the sound.
I've used a few and I like the Huntleigh's but I do agree that the plastic parts are always breaking. heard about this on the rma midwife yahoo group too. The first one I used had to be taped together, but still worked fine. The one I use now is about 7-8 years old and works fine.

I need to buy another one, and I really want a waterproof one. I keep putting it off, but after my next birth I will break down and buy one. I need to have one to have my helper use.

I've been looking on ebay, but I'm so afraid to spend all that money and get one that doesn't work right or something is wrong with it. Then what would I do? My other option is probably Cascade, anyone know if they still have the rent to own option for dopplers?
many of the ones on Ebay are new-- what I say is keep looking and buy at the price you want-- usually lower than you would buy elsewhere-- also take a good look at the sellers- info and feedback---if it is all good-- I think that there is a way to exchange money and have it covered if it doesn't work-----
Yeah, ebay. I got a nice one for $120, slightly used, waterproof.
My husband fixes dopplers, too. The #1 reason why they stop working? Corrosion from water and gel that gets in the on/off button. I like to put the body of mine in a ziploc bag, so I am touching the plastic, not the button, with damp hands.
I bought my waterproof Huntleigh on ebay for 200, very gently used, and it works beautifully. Huntleighs do seem to break easily. I've seen rubber bands holding them together (still working, though!) Most of the sellers are in the business of refurbishing and reselling dopplers, and most have a money-back guarantee.

I'm lusting after a MedaSonics, the ugly green one with the earbuds. Nothing like it for getting very, very early heart tones.
And an Imex Pocket-Dop, the ugly black one. It has the best sound. Totally not waterproof, but nothing a condom over the probe can't fix.
i'm finding that I can't get my doppler to work with the doppler sheaths on. It's SO INCREDIBLY frustrating to have to ask mom to float up to the surface to listen. Have you ladies had this problem? It's just like the sound is NOT going through the sheath.

Originally Posted by Charmie981 View Post
i'm finding that I can't get my doppler to work with the doppler sheaths on. It's SO INCREDIBLY frustrating to have to ask mom to float up to the surface to listen. Have you ladies had this problem? It's just like the sound is NOT going through the sheath.

Do you fill the "reservoir tip" of your condom with gel?
See less See more, I haven't tried that, but I thought it might help as I typed that last message. Dumb question, but are you using an actual condom? Because I'm using these doppler sheath things that like look condoms for a very large mammal...
Yup, a real condom. Loaded with gel in the reservoir tip.

I never heard of sheaths made for dopplers, how much do they cost?
about $1 each. I have them in my client's birth kits at

I'm gonna try putting the gel on the probe, then the sheath, and see how that works. Thing is, the first birth I used one at, it worked GREAT, but maybe because I had been listening to baby via gel on land for a while before mom got into the water...

I have a birth coming up in the next few weeks, so I'll try the gel. Thanks!!
Birth Supplies has them listed at $5, is that each, or for a box?

Condoms you can get for about $7 a dozen. So thin, it's almost like using nothing at all, har, har!
ha, goes to show you how much I know about the prices in my birth kit. I sacrificed other things for it, though, so the price of the whole kit is about the same. The sheath covers all the way to the end of the cord, near the handheld part of the doppler, which makes me feel better somehow.

I've heard of clients discontinuing care b/c a midwife brought a condom into their home, so I'm kinda paranoid about offending someone, I guess...

But maybe I'll try both at the next birth...the sheath on my doppler and the condom on my assistants (or vice versa). I'm sure I can find a stray condom around here somewhere (cuz lord knows we don't use 'em!!).
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