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I was curious if anyone knew the correct dosage for taking Black Cohosh capsules at the end of their pregnancy to help the body get ready for labor.

Back story: This is baby number four for me and I have always gone to 42 weeks. My first baby was an induction at 42 weeks with a 22 hour labor and the only thing that I used to help me was EPO. My second baby we tried to do an induction at 41 weeks but it was a failed attempt even after two days. Went in at 42 weeks and was opened just enough for him to break my water and baby came in 9 hours. I also only took EPO with him.My third baby I did a home birth. I took Gentle birth formula, and EPO and I went into labor at 42 weeks after finally taking castor oil. All of my babies dropped and were engaged early. Also with my third baby the last week of pregnancy he was at a station +3 which was another reason I went ahead with the castor oil and also only took 2tbs of it. He came in 3 hours.
This baby, I am currently taking the gentle birth drops and EPO. At 38 weeks my midwife checked me and so far I am closed up and cervix is high and baby is not even engaged. Thats new for me.
So I would like to take black cohosh to help move things along because its obvious that my body just needs a little help to get things prepared for labor. I am not trying to induce my labor because I know that baby will come when he is ready. I have been taking 540 mg 3x a day since 38 weeks and I am currently almost 40 weeks (due April 13th). I just want to make sure that that is an appropriate amount to take that will help me to progress. The only information I can find on it is when taken in tincture form, not capsule. So if there is anyone who could help shine some light on that, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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