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Dosing for Domperidone????

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I am posting for a computer-less friend. Through a combination of work and sickness, she has had a hugely diminished milk supply for her 4-month-old, and is practically weaned. She really wants to try again to re-establish a supply. She (like me) is a poor pumper, and doesn't get much even though she tries religiously. She wants to try Domperidome. I found the link to buy it from If she buys it, what are the dosing directions???? The tablets look like they are 10mg. So, any advice or links???
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In my city we have a compounding pharmacy (one of only a handful in California that will compound domperidone) and his prices are usually lower than others (and he gives free shipping on orders over $60.00). Might be worth checking into. He also compounds Newman's All-Purpose Nipple Ointment (both require an RX -- one disadvantage of getting them in the US).
I have just started taking it and this is what my doctor prescribed 2-10mg tablets 4x/day. She said the maximum dose is 4-10mg tablets 4x/day, but she did'nt want to start me on such a high dose because she did'nt want to overwelm me. I would tell your friend to start with a low dose and work up to a larger dose if needed. She also said it takes 48 hours to start working and really kicks in after a couple of weeks. I am not taking it as prescribed though, because she gave me a handout with information on taking it with Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle (which she fully supports). Her handout says to take 3-10mg tablets with 3 Fenugreek tablets and 3 Blessed Thistle tablets 3x/day. That is what I'm taking and it's working beautifully.
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