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Double Ear Infection while on VACATION!!

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argh - my poor little babe. we came to texas for 3 weeks to visit my family, and she became really irritable this weekend. i mean REALLY irritable. she's usually soooo happy and smiley. i knew something was wrong, because the only thing that would make her stop crying was tylenol. so, luckily, i called my doctor this morning back in maryland. he recommended i have her seen, just in case. and it's a good thing we did, because the texas doctor says she has an ear infection in BOTH ears!

i guess i'm posting this for two reasons. i thought an ear infection would present with more symptoms. but all my girl has is a bit of snotty nose and a low-grade fever (99-100). so mamas, if you think something's wrong with your baby, you're probably right. and the second reason is, i needed a little sympathy.

i hope this isn't a hint of things to come. she seems so young for an ear infection. any one else have any experience with this in a 16-week-old? anything i should do to prevent future recurrences? i don't want to have to put her on antibiotics every time she gets a cold...

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Aww, poor thing! I hope she is feeling better! I've never dealt with an ear infection personally but I've put garlic oil in a friend's son's ear (I mixed extra virgin olive oil with crushed garlic and made it slightly warm) and that helped his ear be less red within 30 minutes and he wasnt as fussy. You can hold a cottonball over it (2-3 drops in each ear) so it doesnt leak right out.

mama! I hope she is feeling better!
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thanks, d. anyone else with advice for preventing future ear infections?
i don't know how to prevent them, but the garlic oil trick or garlic/mullein drops work wonders!!! hope she's feeling better!
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