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double stroller recommendations

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I would like a stroller to use when we have another baby (not preg yet just a pre-preplanner). I would like it to be less than $200, cheaper is better. Stadium seating style. And if I can still fit groceries in the trunk that is even better.
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I don't have one (so I haven't tried it), but I think the deluxe tandem lightweight stroller from One Step Ahead looks pretty good. Also, I know a lot of people like the Graco DuoGlider.

These days I usually just put one baby in a good umbrella stroller, and the other in the Ergo. I prefer the closeness of slinging, and the maneuverability of a small single stroller. But in the summer I liked being able to use a double stroller when it was too hot to have a baby strapped to me all day.

Good luck ttc!

I know what you mean. The new baby will probably be in the sling most of the time but I will sometimes need a stroller. When we go for long walks, when the baby gets older and heavier, etc
My daughter was 17 lbs by 4 months. And with my bad back an hour was all I could do carrying her.
Originally posted by amarasmom
And with my bad back an hour was all I could do carrying her.
An hour is pretty good, I think! My guys certainly won't sit in a stroller longer than an hour anyway.

If you are planning to use the stroller for taking long walks (outside), you may want to consider a double jogger instead. It is much easier to push than a front-to-back stroller, and my babies prefer the sling-type of seat to a flat-back stroller seat. BabyTrend makes a good double jogger that is really pretty cheap (I think around $160.00). We have one and while I don't take it shopping (shopping is when I do the ergo and single umbrella stroller combo), it does fit through all wheelchair-accessible doorways, and it folds up pretty small in the car. Dp takes the boys running in it, and we sometimes go roller-blading with it too.

Just an idea!

I'm looking at the single version of this:
it's not 'stadium style' however

I really like the concept of the jog strollers, but I don't like the big, fixed front wheel on most. This one seems to me a great combination of 'tradidional' stroller features with the more rugged abilities of a jog stroller.

"going for a walk" in the NW often means taking laps around the mall. At least in winter where it pours most of the time.
We have the Step One double stroller. It reatils for around $149 at Baby Depot. It is easy to push, easy to fold, has stadium seating, a large compartment beneath, cup tray, etc...
It is wonderful and although we sling most of the time with the baby, now that he is over 15 lbs at 2 1/2 months, we will probably get a lot of use out of it(I don't think my back will hold up at this rate!)
Hi Megan,
What about looking for an used Emmaljunga w/the toddler seat attachment? Looks like:

Can be used as a single or double. Emmas are great for walking.

I've always loved the Emmaljungas - built rock solid. Unfortunately, they're no longer exported to the US. You can still find them on Ebay or check out the Yahoo "strollerswap" board.

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