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double stroller where babe can look at Mama?

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I'm expecting baby number 2 and am considering a double stroller for those times when I can't or don't feel like babywearing.

With dd we mostly used a peg perego with her facing me, and if I have the new baby in a stroller I'd like them facing me - but is there a double stroller where that is possible?

dc is due in winter and I probably wouldn't need or want a stroller for them both until spring but if my dream stroller exists I want to know about it!
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Ive seen some where you can push it from either way.. I have a double stroller front and back.. But its only for my youngest and all of his stuff.. and its not what you want

Its the Eddie Bauer one from Target
we love our joovy caboose for when a stroller is needed (with 3 kids, a stroller is sometimes needed
: )

You can use a little bucket carseat and have the babe face mama, and then the toddler can face you, too! My 3-year-old mostly stands on it now, but it is real easy to push through doorways and isn't that much bigger than a regular stroller... so it doesn't take us the whole place if you're in a store or coffee shop...
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