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Doula/Midwife Info - Schweinfurt Area

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Does anyone have any info on doulas or midwives in the Schweinfurt area? Also anyone have any info on natural birth while on a military base? Thanks
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Hi Julie,

I actually just replied to another thread of yours and then read this one-I'm new at this. I am about 2 hrs away from you at Grafenwoehr! Are you pregnant? I just had my second baby here in March and I had a homebirth with a german midwife- called Hebame in german. I was very suprised to learn that Tri-Care will cover a home birth here. I assume that's what coverage you have? It may be different for where you are. If they are still doing deliveries at your clinic on base then they probably won't cover it. If you are not interested in having a homebirth but want a doula or midwife for a hospital birth I can ask my hebame here if she knows anyone or knows a website where maybe you can see where they are available near you. I know that the german hospitals here are usually more geared toward supporting a woman who wants a natural birth and a lot of the hospitals provide their own midwives. Let me know exactly what you are interested in and I will see if I can find any more info for you! - Amelia
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Hello ladies,

I am also looking for a German midwife in the Schweinfurt area. Who would I speak to about tricare covering the birth? All the new pregnancies in this area are reciving care on the economy. I would love another homebirth if it's possible, DH and I are even willing to pay out of pocket if tricare gives us trouble. Any information would be great. I have only been able to find one practice in Wurzburg(25-30mins away) I would love someone closer.

Hi Angelina,
I am assuming that you are military? If you are and you have a clinic on base there is probably a tri-care representative there. If there is no clinic or no representative perhaps there is one at the closest bigger base? You should also be able to go online to the tri-care site to get the over seas number. I'm not sure why they covered my homebirth-if it's a european thing or if it's just in my area... The midwife that I used has made herself part of the tri-care network and if there is not one in your area who is part of the network you will most likely have to pay out of pocket. To find a midwife I would suggest going to the local hospital and asking there. Most hospitals have them on staff. They are called Hebammes. They may know someone closer to you or a way you can find one. the tri-care web site is Let me know if I can answer any more questions!--Amelia
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