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[this was posted in "midwives and doulas" & "finding your tribe"]

Hip hip hooray! I just got the phone call!

Let me explain: There's an organization "Suffolk County Perinatal Coalition" that trains women to be mentors to poor, mostly young single mothers(which I do), provides baby clothes, etc. Anyway-they give away scholarships once a year to four-six women to become trained as doulas. I got one of the scholarships! The training is on 6 saturdays (begining Sept 27th ending Dec 6th) from 9-4 and it's completely free for me. All I have to do is volunteer my services to 3 poor women per year.

Anyway...I was just looking for some other students, prospective or new doulas to connect with, communicate, all that.

Best of Luck and Best Wishes!
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