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We didn't have a doula at our first birth, but now I'm considering one for our second. We are planning a homebirth and we have a 2YO who will most likely be present. We don't have many friends (and no family) in the area to help so I'm thinking about what our options are.

Does insurance ever cover having a doula at the birth? We live in WA state and have pretty good insurance when it comes to most things. We have Premera Blue Cross. I know I can give them a call, but just thought I'd see if anyone knows about this first or has had any experience with an "insured" doula at a birth. And even if insurance covers them do many doulas work with insurance companies? I know that billing can be complicated and time consuming. And what would they cover -- just being present at the birth, meetings in advance, etc.? And does insurance ever cover postpartum doula work? That would be really nice wouldn't it! But I'm probably dreaming and should move to western europe if I want postpartum support, right?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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