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Doulas: How far would you drive?

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I've never had anyone more than 45 minutes away contact me. A girl contacted me that is 1 1/2 hours away. Would you drive this far to doula a birth?

Oh yeah- it's her first....
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I think it depends on how well you click with her, your schedule, and why she contacted you specifically. If there really aren't any doulas closer that are a good fit for her, or she wants *you for a specific reason, I would consider it. I would ask her to meet me somewhere closer for prenatal visits, and make some plans for the logistics of meeting her in labor. I have done births that are only 40 miles away, but with the local traffic, can be an hour or more drive. I wouldn't do it on a regular basis, but I would do it for the right client again.
I will not travel any more then 35 min. however i have travel once and would do it again because the mom needed help and because we got along good. however a lot of times I referral the moms to other doulas in the area. However I do wish they do the same for mebut that's another story.

I don't drive over an hour. I refer out to other doulas closer to the client if they are more than an hour away.
About an hour...hour and 15 minutes one way (80miles round trip) is my furthest so far.

Joyce in the mts.
If you feel a good connection with the client, I'd do it. However, I'd talk to her about having a backup and scenarios of when you'll go there/how long it might take with traffic, kwim?

I am originally from San Diego and with traffic there ANYTHING can turn into 2 hours easily. My doula for #3 was about an hour away with no traffic.
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